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[EN]I have a few questions...

I have Dual Position fork, is it compatible? No.

I have a Solo Air fork, is it compatible? Yes, but you need the ZERODUE complete air spring.

Is it possible to do work at home? Absolutely yes, it's easy and you need few tools; in this video all the steps are shown. After the sale, a pdf with assembly instructions is provided.

How do I know if I have a Debonair B1 or C1? Very simple: unscrew the Allen screw at the bottom of the left lower leg and look at the color of the thread inside, red = C1, gray = B1. If the fork is a 2021 it is definitely a C1.

For Zeb and Boxxer? For the Zeb there is the Tank Z1, while for the Boxxer, you need the complete air spring.

What is the spring for? Does it change according to the rider's weight? It mainly serves to take up little space. It occupies a much smaller volume than the original bumper and for this reason it helps to improve the behavior of the fork on small bumps, increasing the volume of the negative chamber.

How can it be both more sustained and more sensitive? More sensitive because the negative chamber is much larger and this translates into less effort required to overcome internal friction, managing to copy roughness more effectively. This increase in volume requires a higher working pressure, which gives more support.

Why is there a weight limit? Because the volume of air inside the fork increases considerably, and higher operating pressures are required; over 130kg there is a risk of reaching the maximum usable pressure.

Are there only advantages? Up to a certain point. Lyrik and Yari with 170 or 180mm of travel could be too progressive for riders who are not very aggressive in riding or who weigh little, like sub 70kg. Write me an email if you are looking for advice.

Are there any special precautions for assembly and setup? At the time of purchase I will provide you with a PDF with the appropriate information!

Is the Tank the best upgrade on the market? Probably not, but it certainly has the best price / performace ratio.