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How to keep your fork in perfect efficiency:

Use a fender. In addition to its main purpose, the fender prevents most of the dirt from settling on top of the lowers, near the dust wipers, and prevents dirt and stones from hitting the stanchions.

Turn the bike upside down. Half an hour or an hour before the ride, put the bike upside down, in this way the oil will flow from the bottom of the lowers towards the sponges positioned under the dust covers, also lubricating the sanchions and bushings.

Clean the stanchions often. During particularly dusty or muddy rides you will notice the accumulation of dirt on the sliding parts, try to clean it with gloves or some soft cloth.

Zip tie between stanchion and wiper. After reassembling the lowers following a service, or after long and repeated descents of the days in the bike park, air can accumulate in the lowers. Some Fox 2021, DVO or MRP forks have special "vents", but where they are not present it is sufficient to insert the tip of a zip tie between the stanchion and the dust wiper to equalize the pressure inside the lowers with the external one.

Lubricate the stanchions. There are many dedicated products on the market, but the important thing is that the product is not a petroleum derivative (such as WD40) because it will affect the rubber of the dust seals making it more "flaccid", which will inevitably lead to a loss of tightness of the same. Use silicone-based synthetic products. After applying the product to the stanchions, compress the fork several times, and you will notice that a ring of dirt will remain. In addition to its primary job, the lubricant will in fact also capture the dirt present on the dust seals, which will then be removed with a soft cloth.

Replace the dust covers if you really need them. A set of dust covers, if always kept lubricated and clean, will last for a long time and after the first running-in period ensures a better smoothness than a new set. The sponges, on the other hand, must be replaced more often, since they cannot be cleaned of all the dirt they accumulate.

Use a quality pump. Analog and cheap pumps very often have an error that can even exceed 10%, unbelievable but true. With a quality digital pump, you can easily measure even a 1 PSI difference and when you are looking for the perfect setup, every PSI counts!